Shaftless trommel screen
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Shaftless trommel screen (mobile Shaftless trommel screen), also known as stone screening machine, is a type of equipment that screens and sorts materials based on their particle size. It has the characteristics of stable operation, low energy consumption, and flexibility. Especially suitable for screening raw stone, Construction waste, domestic waste, Electronic waste, coal, coal gangue, slaked lime, waste stone, cobble, quartz stone and other stones; Mining, gold mining sand and stone separation, asphalt, coal slag, coke and other materials screening. The Shaftless trommel screen is widely used for grading and screening of coarse, medium, and fine particle materials. With its unique advantages of non clogging wet materials, large screening area, and high efficiency, it is favored by users.

Principle of Shaftless trommel screen

The Shaftless trommel screen equipment is installed askew on the rack. The electric motor is connected to the drum equipment through a reducer and a coupling, driving the drum equipment to roll around its axis. When materials enter the drum equipment, due to the tilting and rolling of the drum equipment, the materials on the screen surface flip and roll, causing qualified materials (products under the screen) to be discharged through the discharge port at the bottom of the rear end of the drum, while unqualified materials (products on the screen) are discharged through the discharge port at the tail of the drum. Due to the flipping and rolling of the material inside the drum, the material stuck in the sieve hole can be ejected to prevent clogging of the sieve hole.

Performance characteristics of Shaftless trommel screen:

1. Adopting the principle of rolling conveying, the friction coefficient is small, the wear is light, and the sieve holes are not easily blocked.

2. The drum support adopts an integral shaft structure, which runs smoothly, does not vibrate, and has low noise.

3. The internal drum screen accessories adopt a split design, with a simple structure and quick and convenient replacement and maintenance.

4. The drum body adopts an effective fully sealed structure, which does not raise dust or pollute.

5. The whole machine has high reliability, less one-time investment, low energy consumption, large output, low failure rate, and obvious energy-saving effect.

6. Strong adaptability, strong anti winding ability of shaftless drum screen, and high sorting accuracy of household waste.

7. One machine with multiple functions, capable of changing different screen materials and mesh sizes according to customer needs, with strong applicability, high screening efficiency, long service life, and low maintenance costs.